February 26, 2014

In a two weeks I will be attending the 2014 Great Winter Crow Show. It is an event that occurs every two years at the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo, ND. Many local artists, writers, and musicians attend the opening reception to celebrate crows and ravens, creatures that stick around throughout the cold winter months. This year’s event will also be celebrating the release of the Spirit Room’s first Crow Show anthology: In the Spirit of Crow: A Gathering of Art and Poetry from the Great Winter Crow Shows 2004-2012. I recently learned that my drawing from the 2010 Crow Show will be featured in this anthology. I am hoping I get a copy!

My piece for this year’s show, Apples and Feathers, will hang within the Spirit Room among the other crow-inspired artwork:

Click here to learn more about the Great Winter Crow Show!

Latest Piece
Common Loon and Chick
Colored pencil on cotton paper, 5x7"