My name is Heather Franzen Rutten

and I am an artist and illustrator whose goal is to create cute and comforting images that bring joy to the audience. My comics feature innocent animals and children who go through a revelation or transformation, sometimes with a bittersweet ending.

When not working on art, I am attending symphony concerts, watching cartoons, or playing video games.

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Materials List:
+Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils
+Faber-Castell 9000 Series Graphite Pencils
+Holbein Gouache and Acryla Gouache
+M. Graham Watercolors
+Photoshop CC


Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, California
October 2018 - Doggy Pile: A Deck of Dapper Dogs
February 2018 - Disney Television Animation Tribute Exhibition
June 2017 - Corgi Summer Show
September 2016 - Through Dangers Untold: Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Exhibition
March 2016 - The Little Prince Tribute Exhibition
December 2014 - A Capture Creatures Celebration

The Rourke Art Gallery, Moorhead, Minnesota
October 2018 - The Art Ghoullery

The Island, Bristol, UK
September 2018 - EQUINOX: Autumn

Gallery at the Guild, Kitchener, Ontario
June 2018 - A Link to the Guild
June 2017 - Magical
March 2017 - Kanto

Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
December 2017 - ACEO Mini Art Show
September 2017 - Cult of Meow
December 2016 - Unicorn: Saola Working Group Benefit Show

Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spring 2018 - The Lost Isle of Kismet
May 2017 - Camouflage
March 2017 - Tobeyou
September 2016 - Tiny Homes
March 2015 - BOSS RUSH

Bear and Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, Florida
November 2016 - Small Stuff 10
November 2015 - Small Stuff 9
May 2015 - The Time in Between: A Studio Ghibli Tribute Exhibition


2018 - Root and Star: The Magazine for the Whole Child
2018 - Rain Dance
2018 - Shibui Zine
2018 - Food Zine
2018 - Swim On 4
2017 - Grid Philly
2017 - Pokemon Traveler Zine
2017 - Kirby's Zine Land
2017 - Who Runs the World: The Obscure Magical Girl Zine
2016 - Release Fanzine
2015 - Turf War!
2015 - Sweet Treats


2017 - Bee Paper Guest Blogger
2017 - Bee Paper Artist Feature


If you have an idea for a project or just want to say hello, send me a message!

You can also send a direct email to HeatherFranzenRutten [at] gmail [dot] com.

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