The Plush Dragon of Pincushion Forest

In 2011 I had an image in my head of a princess mending the tail of a large plush dragon, who appears intimidating but is actually scared of needles. I spent hours on the drawing, only to be disappointed in the end result. I sighed and put it away. I told myself that I could always try again. Now, five years later, I have made a second attempt!

Here is a comparison between the original drawing and the remake (click to enlarge):

Some things that I have changed:

  • The 2011 dragon appears to be having an anxiety attack, whereas the 2016 dragon seems to be nervous but ultimately trusts the princess.
  • The colors in the first drawing are jarring, so I softened the color scheme.
  • In fact, I softened everything: the spikes on the dragon are rounded, the foliage consists of circles instead of angular pieces, and the princess's dress is puffier.
  • I omitted the cluttered and distracting flowers and reduced the tree trunks to two distant trees.
  • I composed the 2016 piece as a graceful curl so that the eye is drawn from the dragon's nose to his tail and vice versa.

The Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Click on the arrows to navigate through the slides. Hover over the image to see a description of my tools and techniques.

Stonehenge paper
Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils